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The right to bear arms is a right granted to all Americans in the Constitution. The right to carry concealed firearms, however, is based on laws that vary from state to state. In Wisconsin, citizens are not allowed to carry concealed firearms. Because the laws regarding concealed carry are different depending on which state you are in, it can lead to confusion and people can break this law in Wisconsin on accident. Additionally, someone could accidentally conceal their weapon without realizing their mistake. Getting in trouble with the law for a simple mistake regarding a notoriously confusing set of requirements is especially unfair to people who may not have been aware of the law, to begin with.

Individuals who are found carrying concealed guns will likely face criminal punishment. If you believe that you have been unfairly accused of carrying a concealed weapon, we might be able to create a case of defense for you. Having a criminal defense attorney on your side to defend you dramatically increases your chances of getting the charges lowered or dropped. If you or someone you love has been accused of possessing a concealed firearm, contact the Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers of Hart Powell, S.C. at (414) 271-9595.

Why Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer for Concealed Firearm Possession?

If you were charged with the illegal carry of a concealed handgun, you probably have a lot of questions. Could I go to jail? Do I need a lawyer? I just made a mistake, is there any way for me to avoid these punishments? How much will legal fees cost? The attorneys of Hart Powell, S.C. are here to help answer all of these questions and more.

According to Wisconsin law, as a punishment for concealed possession of a firearm, you could go to jail for up to nine months, and you could also be required to pay a fine. However, the charges you end up with can vary based on your situation. Do you have a concealed carry license from another state that does allow concealed firearm possession? Were you unaware of the ban on concealed carry in Wisconsin? Were you aware of the law, but did concealing the weapon happen on accident? If any of these circumstances apply to you, a skilled attorney might be able to help you get the charges lowered or dropped. However, the odds of getting the charges reduced or dropped are much higher if you have an attorney who can negotiate with the prosecutor and build a convincing argument on your behalf.

We understand that the legal process is daunting and that you will come into this with the genuine fear of going to jail. However, the process will be much more straightforward if you have an experienced attorney on your side. We will handle all of the complicated litigation so that you don’t have to. No matter your outcome, you can always know that you put your best foot forward by hiring a criminal defense attorney who helped you create the most air-tight case you possibly could.

Why Should I Choose Hart Powell, S.C.?

When choosing a criminal defense attorney, you want to look for someone who is experienced, has a strong track record, and who is up-to-date and aware of the ever-changing landscape of the law. You also want someone who has the time necessary to commit themselves to your case fully– this is why we strongly recommend that you hire a private attorney rather than settling for public defenders. No matter how good a public defender is at their job, they are often overworked and swamped with clients, so things may slip through the cracks.

The criminal defense attorneys of Hart Powell, S.C. have been serving the Milwaukee area since 1993, and along with those many years of experience comes an impressive track record that we are very proud of. We have also helped many people negotiate and resolve their legal situations even before charges were filed.

Michael F. Hart, one of our criminal defense attorneys, has been practicing law for 29 years. His dedication to his clients has led him to be recognized as a Wisconsin Super Lawyer.

Laws and Punishments

In Wisconsin, individuals are allowed to own handguns and other firearms that are easily concealed. Individuals do not have to acquire a license or permit; however, they also are not allowed to hide their weapons and carry them in public. This can sometimes lead to confusion and wrongful accusations of concealed carry if the weapon is accidentally concealed- for example, if someone’s shirt falls to cover the weapon or if it is left on the seat of a car.

Wisconsin does not issue concealed firearm permits, nor does it recognize permits from other states. This means that individuals who visit Wisconsin from other states can be charged with crimes for concealing their firearms in Wisconsin even if they have a permit from another state. This means that someone can commit and be accused of a crime without even being aware that what they are doing is illegal. It isn’t right to punish someone for being unaware of confusing laws that differ between states.

Individuals who are found to be guilty of possessing concealed firearms may face criminal punishment. The maximum punishment for a first-time offender is a misdemeanor that is punishable with up to nine months in prison as well as up to a $10,000 fine.

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The Milwaukee criminal lawyers of Hart Powell, S.C. may be able to help individuals who have been charged with concealed firearm possession. We proudly defend members of the Milwaukee community and want to help you avoid or lessen the punishments for concealed firearm possession. We will handle your case with responsibility and care, and promise to do our best to defend you in a court of law. If you or someone you love is facing these charges, contact us today at (414) 271-9595.