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Armed robbery is the criminal act of committing forcible theft, more commonly known as a hold-up, with a firearm. The firearm does not have to be used in order for the act to be considered armed robbery. Pointing a gun at someone or even just carrying a gun at the time of the theft can qualify as armed robbery.

If you have been accused of armed robbery, you face the possibility of a felony conviction, years in prison, and costly fines. An experienced defense attorney can help you fight this charge and the harsh penalties that come with a conviction. Contact the Milwaukee armed robbery defense lawyers of Hart Powell, S.C., today at (414) 271-9595 to discuss your case.

Armed Robbery Charges and Penalties

In the state of Wisconsin, armed robbery is classified as a Class C felony. The severity of the charge will depend largely on the circumstances of the case, such as whether the gun was drawn or fired. The possible penalties for an armed robbery conviction include:

  • Up to 25 years in prison
  • Up to $100,000 in fines
  • Revocation of right to bear arms
  • Restitution

If you are facing a criminal charge for armed robbery, you need a criminal defense lawyer who you can trust to aggressively defend your case. At Hart Powell, S.C., we know what it takes to construct a strong defense, and we are prepared to work closely with you throughout your case to pursue a favorable resolution. Whether this is your first criminal charge or you have a criminal history, our attorneys will fight to ensure that your legal rights remain protected.

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