Wisconsin Gun Ownership Prohibitions

Wisconsin’s gun ownership laws strictly forbid certain groups of individuals from possessing a firearm. If these individuals are caught in possession of a firearm, they may face tough penalties, such as fines, potential jail sentences, and the loss of licenses or privileges. For many individuals convicted of these gun crimes, the impact of the conviction can cause long-term problems for their personal and professional reputation.

Illegal Gun Possession in Wisconsin

While Wisconsin provides allowances for gun possession for law-abiding citizens, certain groups are forbidden from possessing a firearm under any circumstances. Distributors and others are tasked with knowing to whom they cannot provide or sell firearms. Those who are not allowed to legally own or possess a gun in Wisconsin include:

  • A convicted felon
  • An accused felon found not guilty on an insanity plea
  • An individual committed to a mental institution and banned from possessing a gun
  • Certain adjudicated delinquents
  • Those penalized with domestic violence or child abuse restraining orders

If these individuals are caught in possession of a firearm, they may face strict criminal punishments if convicted. For repeat offenders, these penalties may be even more severe and may include extended jail sentences.

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