Milwaukee Prostitution Lawyers

When a person is caught participating in prostitution, they could face serious legal consequences. Prostitution is broadly defined as the illegal exchange of sexual acts for money, and can be damaging to someone’s personal and professional goals should a conviction occur.

The severity of prostitution charges vary depending on the particular incident in question. It is important, however, to seek the guidance of a skilled defense attorney if you are facing criminal prostitution charges. The defense attorneys at Hart Powell, S.C., understand the stress that Milwaukee people can feel when charged with a criminal offense, which is why we provide excellent legal services to our clients.

Various Prostitution Charges

Depending on the particular prostitution charge, the legal penalties vary. The following are examples of different prostitution charges in the state of Wisconsin:

  • Soliciting Prostitutes
  • Keeping a Place of Prostitution
  • Prostitution (Providing Services)
  • Patronizing Prostitutes
  • Pandering

Prostitution, pandering, and patronizing prostitutes are considered Class A misdemeanors, and can be punished with up to 9 months in jail and a $10,000 fine. Other charges can have even more serious punishments such as heftier fines and longer jail sentences.

Contact a Prostitution Attorney in Milwaukee

If you or someone you know is facing charges regarding prostitution, then the help of an experienced defense lawyer may be necessary. The attorneys at Hart Powell, S.C., have successfully defended Milwaukee people facing serious criminal charges, and we are prepared to evaluate your legal options. Contact our offices today by calling (414) 271-9595 and discuss your case with a member of our legal team.