Milwaukee Lewd Acts with a Minor Defense Attorney

In the state of Wisconsin, conducting lewd acts with a minor is considered a sex crime, and can be punished severely. A minor includes any person who is under the age of 18, and “lewd” behavior is considered a “crime against sexual morality,” according to Section 944.20 of the State of Wisconsin’s Reference Bureau. Various behaviors can be considered lewd or lascivious, and can result in charges of lewd acts with a minor.

The Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys at Hart Powell, S.C. know that those charged face the possibility of significant penalties if they are convicted. Our legal team believes all Milwaukee residents are entitled to a fair trial, and for our clients, we aggressively fight for the most favorable outcome in every case.

Acts Constituting Lewd Behavior

There are numerous acts that the state of Wisconsin might consider lewd and lascivious behavior, and charge a Milwaukee resident for. Some of these acts include:

  • Exposing genitals to a minor
  • Sharing obscene material with a minor
  • Forced viewing / listening to sexual activity

These all could result in charges of lewd acts with a minor, even if the accused believes the acts were consensual. However, facing charges does not mean that a Milwaukee defendant is immediately guilty; in fact, a strong defense can significantly lessen the chances of a conviction, or at least reduce the severity of resulting penalties.

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