Milwaukee Expunging Convictions Attorneys

Wisconsin law permits courts to expunge records in which an adjudication of guilt was made. Those circumstances are limited to misdemeanors and certain felonies (Class I & H felonies) committed by a person under the age of 25, upon successful completion of the sentence, or a juvenile upon reaching the age of 17 and making a request.

However, if you were convicted before July 1, 2009, your conviction can only be expunged if you were under 21 when you committed your offense, and only if you were convicted of a misdemeanor.

Tickets (i.e. municipal ordinance violations) are not eligible for expungement.

Finally, current law only allows expungement if the Court ordered it at the time of sentencing.

If your conviction is expunged, the Court’s records will be destroyed; however, a record of your conviction will still likely be kept by the Wisconsin criminal history repository maintained by the Wisconsin Department of Justice. In other words, even if your conviction is expunged, it may still show up on a background check.

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Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : May 2, 2023