Organized Criminal Activity

Organized crime is a serious offense with incredibly serious consequences. Wisconsin, like any state, is intolerant of organized crime and all the activities that make it up. One does not necessarily have to be directly involved with a criminal organization in order to be charged. If someone has participated in any of the sales, distribution, murders, or planning involved in organized crimes, then he or she can still be charged because of his or her affiliation with the organization.

Common Factors of Organized Crime

Organized criminal activities usually use intimidation strategies in order to victimize other organizations and make them adhere to certain rules and run a certain service that will benefit the criminal organization with either power or profits.

Most organized crimes also tend to commit transnational crimes – that is, crimes that cover many different countries. These groups are usually well-organized, have strict criminal procedures, have close-knit relations, have international relations, have hierarchies, and put their hands in many forms of illegal profiteering. They also regularly attract the attention of global institutions because their activities operate over several different countries.

Common Activities involved in Organized Crime:

Some of the most common illegal activities associated with organized crime include:

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Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : May 20, 2021