Murder vs. Manslaughter

Being accused of causing another person’s death is a stressful ordeal. A non-natural death resulting from another party’s actions can be classified in many ways, each with its own degree of punishment. However, the penalties for being convicted of killing another person are always severe. The two primary ways to classify a death are manslaughter and murder.

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Understanding Murder and Manslaughter Charges

Murder and manslaughter are the two main types of criminal charges a person can face after being accused of causing the death of another human being. While both manslaughter and murder stem from causing a person’s death, they are distinguished by the circumstances of the killing. For a killing to be a murder, it must be premeditated.

On the other hand, manslaughter is incidental killing. Manslaughter is most commonly described as killing in the heat of the moment, without a predetermined plan. It is also used to describe deaths that occurred through criminal negligence.

While murder is a more severe charge than manslaughter, they are both serious charges. Without an attorney, one would have a difficult time handling either accusation.

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Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : January 13, 2016