Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a serious crime that carries serious penalties. This crime is considered a black market trade that consists of cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of illegal drugs. Drug trafficking can also apply to the trafficking of legal drugs distributed illegally.

Drug trafficking is penalized differently depending on the amount and type of drugs. There are, however, often severe penalties involving minimum sentences. These minimum sentences and other penalties can apply to your case no matter the amount in your possession and even on your first offense.

The determining factors of your sentence affect the minimum sentences. These factors are:

  • The type of drug in your possession: There are different schedules of drugs. Schedule one drugs are the most dangerous and have no medical use. Trafficking in these drugs will produce a more severe penalty.
  • The weight of the drug: This translates to the amount of the drug that you have. If you possess a weight of a certain drug within a certain range, there are set minimum penalties. If you possess more than what is covered in that range, the minimum penalties are raised.
  • Your number of prior convictions: Having prior convictions can lead to more severe penalties. While first time offenders do not get off easily, they are generally sentenced more lightly than repeat offenders.

Drug trafficking can lead to heavy fines, and as much as life imprisonment. Having a good attorney to argue your case is your best course of action.

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