Child Pornography

In the United States, the pornography business is extremely large. The porn industry in the United States is approximately a $1 million industry. The porn industry is limited to adults; however, only adults can legally purchase and view pornography. Only adults can be in pornography materials.

Despite such legal restrictions, however, child pornography is also present in the United States. Many adults consume child pornography, even though doing so is illegal and immoral.

People found in possession of child pornography or found creating child pornography face severe criminal penalties. They face at least one decade in prison. Additionally, after they are released from prison, they cannot live a normal life. They are put into a national database that identifies sex offenders. Finally, those convicted of possession or creation of child pornography face social exclusion.

Penalties for charges related to child pornography are rightly so severe. Child pornography involves taking advantage of members of society who are among the most helpless and the most innocent. They have no power to defend themselves, and they do not fully understand what they are made a part of. People who created or possessed child pornography are taking part in the destruction of innocence.

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