Milwaukee Identity Theft Defense Attorneys

There are few crimes that have experienced such a dramatic increase in public attention as identity theft. The expanded use of the internet and the unnerving accessibility of personal data through misdirected mail, willful abuse of sensitive information, and other means has meant that more people than ever are having to contend with identity theft. Accordingly, the legal system treats these matters very seriously, and if you are currently faced with identity theft charges then it is imperative that you seek skilled and experienced legal representation immediately.

Whether you are being accused of identity theft, identity fraud, or identity cloning, we may be able to help you to craft a compelling defense. Contact the Milwaukee identity theft defense attorneys at Hart Powell, S.C., by calling (414) 271-9595 to begin your fight for justice.

Types of Identity Theft

The following are some of the most common kinds of information likely to be stolen from one regarding an individual:

  • Credit Cards
  • Computer Identities
  • Banks
  • Social Security
  • Credit Unions

Identify theft also refers to presenting one’s self with a false identity to officials. No matter the amount of financial damage that the identity theft caused, you may be facing serious legal consequences if found guilty. If you have been charged with one of these illegal actions, it is extremely important to speak to an attorney about your rights. Hiring an attorney immediately after the charges may help reduce the risk of a harsh sentence. Representation in the courtroom can greatly improve your chances of reducing the degree of your sentence.

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