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If you have been charged with employee fraud, you are likely facing severe consequences. A criminal conviction can carry numerous penalties, such as jail time and exorbitant fines, and even revoke your right to vote in public elections. Additionally, a criminal conviction can have other less tangible penalties, like a ruined reputation and employment blacklisting. Hiring a lawyer to represent your interests is the most effective way for you to protect your future in light of serious allegations.

The Milwaukee employee fraud defense lawyers at Hart Powell, S.C. understand how to fight for your rights when you face serious charges. We have honed our skills over decades to ensure that our clients receive the fair trial the law guarantees them. We believe in a strong defense because we know that people are more than their mistakes and more than the charges brought against them. By helping our clients seek the best possible legal results, we want to ensure that all people can take advantage of the opportunities that life has to offer.

Our sharp legal prowess and commitment to our clients’ defense earned our firm a 10.0 Superb Avvo rating, the highest possible score. We are proud to have been there for many Milwaukeeans as they faced harsh public criticism and legal prosecution. Facing criminal charges may be new to you, but we are well-versed in crafting an effective legal defense. If you need a Milwaukee attorney that is ready to fight for you, call Hart Powell, S.C. today at (414) 271-9595.

Do I Need an Employee Fraud Defense Attorney?

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you will be appointed a public defender. It is up to you whether you’d like to keep that attorney to represent you or obtain a defense lawyer of your choosing. Though public defenders are skilled and competent people, they are also overworked, and are unlikely to have the time to pay attention to all the small details of your case. If you face serious charges, you may want to consider a lawyer who can dedicate their full attention to your defense.

With an experienced lawyer in your corner, you can feel confident as your case is being reviewed. A lawyer will know how to go about investigating your case and gathering evidence to help you. They will be able to use this evidence and their knowledge of the law to craft the most compelling defense for you. They will also be able to identify whether it would be most strategic to try to negotiate a plea deal or plead not guilty. With a dedicated criminal defense lawyer on your side, you give yourself the best chance of protecting your freedom and your future.

Why Hire Hart Powell, S.C. to Handle My Case?

The experienced defense team at Hart Powell, S.C. has decades of experience defending cases across multiple states on both the state and federal level. When it comes to our clients, we are fully committed. We know how much our clients value their freedom, so when people trust us with their cases, we use the knowledge and grit we have amassed over the years to fight tirelessly on their behalf. For many people, being charged with and convicted of a crime has far-reaching consequences that burden them for years to come. Our skilled legal team has helped minimize these consequences for numerous clients and their families.

Specifically, we recently successfully helped a client with a federal bank fraud charge, in which all of the criminal charges were dismissed. In addition to the many favorable outcomes that we have won on behalf of our clients, we have also defended cases for large corporate clients and high-profile organizations, including the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and Major League Baseball. Though we are proud to have represented these cases, we treat local individual cases with the same urgency and attention as our large clients. We believe all people deserve the best possible defense, and we are proud to provide just that.

Types of Employee Fraud Cases We Handle

Those who are found guilty of embezzlement have been proven to have stolen or misappropriated money or property that was entrusted to them, typically by an employer. Though embezzlement is categorized as a type of theft, the law differentiates it by the following factors:

  • One party entrusts property to or relies on another person;
  • The accused must have acquired the stolen property because of the working relationship;
  • The accused is in possession of or has transferred the stolen property to another person;
  • The criminal act was intentional.

Some common forms of employee fraud that can lead to embezzlement charge include:

  • Creating fictitious employees for payroll fraud
  • Creating fictitious borrowers to lend money to
  • Transferring company property, including raw materials, equipment, and supplies, to themselves or others
  • Allowing friends or family to use the employee’s employee discount
  • Falsifying accounts
  • Tampering with company computers to skim money
  • Forgery of any kind
  • Hiding or manipulating accounts

If you have been charged with embezzlement, your livelihood and integrity are in question. If found guilty, some of the penalties for embezzlement in the state of Wisconsin are as follows:

  • Stolen money or goods valued at $2,500 or less: Up to a $10,000 fine and/or nine months in jail
  • Stolen money or goods valued at $2,500 or more: Up to $10,000 fine and/or up to three and a half years in jail

An experienced lawyer can help you establish a strong defense to protect you from potentially harsh penalties.

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Let a skilled defense attorney guide you and defend your rights if you’re facing employee fraud charges. The embezzlement attorneys at Hart Powell, S.C. will listen to you, research the facts of your case, and build a defense to help secure your future and your freedom. We understand the stress that Milwaukee families face when serious charges loom, and we will work with you to make sure that your rights are protected. To discuss your case with an experienced and qualified attorney, call our office today at (414) 271-9595.

Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : February 10, 2022