Burglary Defense Attorney in Milwaukee

Burglary Defense Attorney in Milwaukee

In the state of Wisconsin, burglary is the breaking and entering into private property with the intent to steal personal property from the premise. These premises include locked homes, locked trucks and trailers, and even ships. It is a crime taken seriously by the courts and therefore if you have been accused, defending yourself from charges is essential to minimizing the negative effects on your life that a conviction may cause.

If you or a loved one is being charged with a burglary, it is important to immediately contact a Milwaukee burglary defense attorney. You are entitled to legal representation and therefore should not divulge information without legal counsel. With your reputation and your freedom at risk, you simply cannot afford to take any chances. Contact the Milwaukee burglary defense attorneys of Hart Powell, S.C., today at (414) 271-9595 to discuss your burglary charge.

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    Do I Need an Attorney for My Burglary Charge?

    Even if you don’t think the charges are severe enough to warrant it, hiring a criminal defense attorney for your burglary charge in Wisconsin is important. Beating your burglary charges will take time, skill, and effort. It’s worth contacting a defense attorney for a consultation so you can get a good idea of how they can help you.

    Here are some reasons why hiring a defense attorney like Hart Powell, S.C. is a good idea:

    1. We know the law. Beating criminal charges takes experience in court. We are familiar with Wisconsin criminal law and the best way to fight your charges. We will bring the full weight of our skills and knowledge to bear on your case and help you build a strong defense.
    2. We do the work. Most people don’t have time to get to court, let alone build a complete case for their own defense, and in criminal law, preparation is key. Hiring an experienced criminal lawyer from Hart Powell, S.C. means we take on the burden for you. We will review the facts, listen to your story, gather evidence, speak to witnesses, and vigorously defend you against your burglary charges so you can get back to your life.
    3. We know the system. We are intimately familiar with the criminal justice system in Wisconsin, including the people that work within it. Knowing your enemy and their tactics can be half the battle, and we know the prosecutors and judges that try cases in Wisconsin and how to fight them. We can help you avoid mistakes that might make a judge angry or keep you from saying something in court that a prosecutor might use against you. These are people, after all, and knowing how they operate is part of building a good defensive strategy.
    4. We know your rights. One strategy used in many criminal defense cases is to review the facts of the arrest and determine whether your rights were violated. If they were, we might be able to get your charges thrown out. For example, if a law enforcement officer found stolen items in your car or home but didn’t have a search warrant to look for them, that evidence may be inadmissible in court. A good defense attorney knows the ins and outs of how civil rights violations can be used for your benefit.
    5. We can negotiate. The penalties for a burglary conviction can include steep fines and even jail time. We can use our experience and relationships within the legal community to negotiate lower fines and less time in jail before you ever set foot in a courtroom. We may even be able to get your charges dropped entirely if we find something extraordinary about your arrest or charges.

    Hiring an attorney isn’t just about having someone knowledgeable next to you in court. It’s about having an advocate fighting for your rights every step of the way, from building a strong defense through rigorous investigation to using our negotiation skills to get charges lowered or dropped.

    Why Hart Powell, S.C. for My Burglary Charges?

    Burglary Defense Attorney in MilwaukeeHart Powell, S.C. has been defending Wisconsin residents from criminal charges since 1993. We pride ourselves on providing competent, compassionate, and comprehensive legal counsel to our clients in Milwaukee and elsewhere, and we have the skills and experience to make sure your burglary charges don’t follow you for the rest of your life.

    We use a collective approach to criminal defense. Though one attorney may be assigned to work your case, they will consult with our entire legal team when crafting their defensive strategy. This allows every client we represent to benefit from our decades of experience with criminal law.

    There’s no need to take our word for it. Take a look at our Results page and read testimonials from some of our past clients to see how we’ve made our experience work for them.

    Steps to Take if You’ve Been Arrested for Burglary

    If you’ve been arrested for burglary, you have options. Here are some steps you can take immediately to protect your rights and start fighting your charges:

    1. Stay calm. The golden rule applies here. The law enforcement officers arresting you are doing their jobs, and getting angry or arguing with them will not help your case. Do not resist and do not struggle. You will have your day in court to defend yourself, but for now, stay calm and be respectful. You don’t want to add to your troubles by having additional charges added because of a contentious arrest.
    2. Keep quiet. This is vital to protecting yourself. Do not answer any questions, do not talk about the charges against you. Explaining to the arresting officers why the charges are not true will not help you. In fact, it can often do more harm than good. What you say at any time can be used against you in court, so don’t talk to anyone but your defense attorney.
    3. Write it down. Keep a detailed account of the arrest in your mind, and as soon as possible, find a way to write it down. This can be invaluable in your defense, as a skilled attorney may be able to review the proceedings and determine whether your rights were violated during the arrest. If they were, we might be able to get your charges reduced or dropped altogether.
    4. Don’t talk about it. Stay off social media and try not to discuss the charges against you with family and friends. The same rules regarding speaking about the case apply after your arrest: anything you say can be used against you. If your family or friends are called as witnesses in your trial, they may be compelled to testify against you. Wisconsin law protects confidentiality between a defendant and their attorney and provides limited protection for confidentiality between a defendant and their spouse, but it’s best not to speak to anyone but your lawyer.

    Sentences for a Burglary Conviction

    There can be harsh sentences for those convicted of burglary in Wisconsin. The degree of sentence is typically determined by the value of property stolen as well as the method of breaking and entering. Fortunately, with an experienced Milwaukee burglary defense attorney, you may be able to avoid a wrongful conviction or excessive punishment

    The risk of unsuccessful defense can include two years of prison or an extended period of probation. In some cases, sentencing may include ordered restitution or the payment of fines, as well. By working with a skilled and knowledgeable defense attorney, you can be sure to avoid many of the pitfalls that might accompany any efforts to represent one’s self. At Hart Powell, S.C. we work tirelessly to build a strong defense against the charges with which our clients are faced.

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    Don’t let a burglary charge derail your life. The Milwaukee burglary defense attorneys will give your case the attention and energy that it properly deserves. Contact us today at (414) 271-9595 to speak to a lawyer about your charges. You can trust that the Wisconsin burglary attorneys of Hart Powell, S.C., to work hard to protect your rights.

    Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

    Last Updated : January 17, 2024