DUI/OWI Defense For Commercial Driver’s License Holders

Commercial drivers can face automatic license suspensions for DUI and OWI convictions that can range from one year in length to the permanent loss of your commercial driver’s license. At Hart Powell, S.C., we know that good people make mistakes. When it comes to DUIs and OWIs, mistakes can quickly become more serious than you ever anticipated. If you drive a commercial vehicle and you rely on your license for your entire livelihood, a license suspension can be a major life setback. If a DUI or OWI is jeopardizing your commercial driver’s license, you need to talk to an attorney right away.

Because CDL holders are held to a higher standard than other drivers when it comes to DUI and OWI cases, the consequences are more severe. If you face criminal charges for driving under the influence, you need to put yourself first when it comes to fighting your charges. Now is not the time to see how things “might” work out – now is the time to have a strong, clear strategy to fight for your rights. In this instance, standing up for your rights means using all available tools in your favor. Contact Hart Powell, S.C. for a free, no-obligation consultation about how our services can work for you. Set up your initial appointment by calling (414) 271-9595.

Do I Need a Commercial Driver’s License DUI Attorney?

Any DUI or OWI offense can lead to the suspension of a CDL. If you hold a CDL, Wisconsin has a zero-tolerance policy, meaning that your blood alcohol volume (BAC) cannot be higher than 0.0%. First time DUI or OWI offenders receive an automatic, one-year CDL suspension, and repeat offenses can lead to the permanent loss of your CDL. The state of Wisconsin takes CDL privileges very seriously and there are no loopholes or second chances. The only opportunity you have to keep your CDL is to aggressively fight a DUI or OWI from the very beginning, and you should do this with the help of an experienced attorney.

There are lots of different fields of practice for lawyers, and experience makes the most important difference when you choose an attorney to represent you. There are lots of rules surrounding DUIs and CDLs. A DUI attorney with experience representing defendants with CDLs will thoroughly know the law as it applies to you, and can clearly explain what pertains to your situation so that you are well-informed through the legal process. Knowledgeable defense lawyers also know what types of evidence will be important in the defense of your case. The way and speed with which evidence is gathered for your defense can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. This, paired with other helpful details, including information about your arrest, will ultimately enable your attorney to best represent you in the fight to keep your CDL.

When you face DUI or OWI charges that jeopardize your CDL, you need to take every opportunity to protect your license. You only have one chance to stack the odds in your favor, and you can do this by hiring a skilled legal team to represent you. A DUI attorney with experience dealing with CDL holders can offer the edge you need to give your case the best possible chance for success.

How Can Hart Powell, S.C. Help With My Case?

At Hart Powell, S.C., we know how important your CDL is to your ability to make a living. Our lawyers will help you with your case by using all of our resources to fight for you to keep your license in good standing. We hold our clients’ interests in the highest regard, and this means giving you the aggressive, serious representation that you need to enable you to keep your CDL.

The attorneys of Hart Powell, S.C. are experienced criminal defense lawyers who have the skills you need to get the results you hope for. We strongly believe that everyone has the right to a fair and impartial trial and we use this strong belief system to protect our clients’’ legal and constitutional rights. Our lawyers are members of elite organizations that accept only the brightest legal minds, including the American Association for Justice, the Wisconsin Association for Justice, and the National Criminal Defense Association of Defense Lawyers. We put these honors to work for our clients in pursuit of the justice you deserve.

Hart Powell, S.C. has an excellent record of success in representing DUI and OWI cases, including those for CDL holders. In circumstances that apply to CDL holders, we measure success by getting cases against our clients dismissed. When you put our team of powerful attorneys to work for you, you have the best chances for case dismissal so that you can stay on the road and keep your CDL working for you.

Types of Cases Hart Powell, S.C. Handles

Hart Powell, S.C. can defend you against DUIs and OWIs that occur in any circumstance. This may include:

  • CDL holders facing a DUI or OWI while driving a personal vehicle
  • CDL holders facing DUI or OWI charges while driving a commercial vehicle
  • CDL holders facing a first-time license suspension
  • CDL holders facing permanent license suspension

No matter your circumstance, Hart Powell, S.C. can help with your defense so that you have the best opportunity to keep your CDL and continue in your chosen line of work for many years to come.

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Time is of the essence when it comes to any DUI or OWI charges, especially when your ability to work is jeopardized. Get the help you need to keep your CDL in good standing and avoid lengthy or permanent suspension. Call the DUI/OWI defense lawyers from Hart Powell, S.C. today for a complimentary consultation regarding your situation at (414) 271-9595. We will provide legal advice for your case and help you decide how to proceed in the strongest way possible.

Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : May 2, 2023