Wisconsin Stun Gun Possession and Transportation Laws

Since a recent change in the law, Wisconsin permits individuals to carry electric weapons, commonly known as stun guns or Tasers, under certain restrictions. Like other weapons, these carrying restrictions are strictly enforced. If a person is arrested for illegally carrying, transporting, buying, or manufacturing an electric weapon, they may face some very serious criminal penalties as a result. As such, it is critical to know the laws regarding this weapons in Wisconsin.

Electric Weapons Laws in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin puts similar limitations on the ownership, use, and transportation of electric weapons as it has on firearms. As such, a person may face strict penalties for possessing a stun gun if they aren’t in the following group of permitted carriers:

  • Police officers and corrections officers
  • On-duty military personnel
  • Manufacturers or sellers of electric weapons
  • Licensed carriers, including those with an out-of-state license
  • An individual on their own private property

It’s a violation of these electric weapon laws if a person other than these individuals is caught transporting an electric weapon as well, unless they have the weapon safely enclosed in a carrying case.

Violation of an electric weapon possession or carrying law may result in a felony charge, which may lead to long jail sentences, heavy financial penalties, and extremely destructive collateral consequences, such as the loss of certain rights and freedoms.

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Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : January 14, 2016