Wisconsin Records, Notices, and Evidence Tampering Crimes

In the state of Wisconsin, any manipulation or destruction of evidence and documents of public interest is considered a serious crime. As such, tampering with records or notices and destroying subpoenaed documents are prosecuted harshly. If convicted of these crimes, a defendant can face severe penalties that often include jail sentences, hard-hitting fines, and even the loss of certain rights and privileges.

Penalties for Tampering Convictions

A person convicted of a tampering crime may face severe penalties, although these punishments can differ depending on the specific type of crime and the circumstances of its commission. In particular, the following classifications are used for tampering-related allegations:

  • Tampering with public records is a Class H felony
  • Tampering with public notices is a Class B misdemeanor
  • Destroying documents subpoenaed by the court is a Class I felony
  • Inducing someone else to destroy documents subpoenaed by the court is also a Class I felony

Felony-grade convictions may come with mandatory prison sentences and several thousands of dollars’ worth of fines. These convictions can also result in the permanent loss of basic rights and privileges, as well as devastating collateral consequences at home and at work, such as the loss of one’s job. Misdemeanor-grade convictions, although not quite as catastrophic, can still lead to stressful penalties including jail sentencing and heavy criminal fines.

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Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : January 14, 2016