Theft of Services

Theft of services is a crime that refers to using a service without paying for it. This is a common charge among people who do not have lengthy criminal records, because there are many ways to commit theft of service without even realizing it. Many people charged with theft of service are law-abiding citizens, or people who simply made a mistake. Fortunately, the charge is often dismissed, and can be expunged from one’s criminal record.

Theft of service often occurs accidentally, through miscommunication, or because people do not know the action is a form of theft. Also, a theft of service charge may be brought against people who are financially unable to pay for a service they received. Some examples of actions that can be considered theft of service are:

  • Riding a train, bus, or subway without purchasing a pass
  • Using utilities or telecommunication services without paying
  • Neglecting to pay for medical treatment
  • Failure to pay for landscaping, repair, or construction services

Theft of service is usually a misdemeanor, but if the service was worth a lot of money, as with medical services or construction work, it could be considered a felony. However, there are some valid reasons not to pay for services, in which case a theft of service charge may be successfully contested. For very minor offenses, it may even be dismissed.

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Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : January 14, 2016