Reckless Endangerment of a Child

If an adult chooses to act in a reckless or negligent manner and causes harm to him or herself, there is usually little reason to pursue criminal charges. If he or she acts in an irresponsible manner and injures others or puts others in danger, criminal charges of reckless endangerment may be filed. This is especially true when children are involved.

If an adult guardian acts in a reckless manner and puts children in harm’s way, the spouse, family members, or the state may take action to remove the children from the person’s custody and pursue charges of reckless endangerment against the individual. Unfortunately, people may be wrongly accused of such acts during trying times like divorce, separation, and other family struggles. If you have been accused of reckless endangerment, contact the Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys of Hart Powell, S.C. at (414) 271-9595.

Reasons for Endangerment Charges

Possible reasons for endangerment charges may include:

  • Leaving children unattended for an extended period of time
  • Engaging in dangerous behavior in front of children
  • Participating in a crime with minors present
  • Using illegal drugs in front of children
  • Driving while intoxicated with kids in the car

Depending on the seriousness of the situation, reckless endangerment charges may result in charges ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.

Contact a Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or someone you love stands accused of reckless endangerment, contact the Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers of Hart Powell, S.C. at (414) 271-9595 for assistance with your case.

Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : January 14, 2016