Parental Kidnapping

In child custody proceedings, the stakes are high. In some cases, both parents want full custody of the child and may end up sharing custody or agreeing to a visitation schedule. If a parent knowingly or unknowingly violates a court-ordered custody arrangement, or if their spouse wrongly believes that they have violated a custody agreement, they may face charges of parental kidnapping.

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Classifications of Parental Kidnapping

Parental kidnapping is a felony. The severity of the crime is directly related to how long the child is held, where they are taken, and how the child is treated while in the defendant’s custody. Parental kidnapping is a Class D felony unless the child is kept for more than 60 days, at which point it becomes a Class C felony. The crime becomes a class B felony after 120 days.

In addition to these severe penalties, those convicted of parental kidnapping will likely lose all future custody and visitation rights with their child, so it is important that anyone convicted of parental kidnapping take these charges very seriously and do everything they can to fight them.

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If you have been accused of parental kidnapping, the experienced Milwaukee criminal lawyers of Hart Powell, S.C. can help you fight this charge. Call us today at (414) 271-9595 to begin discussing your case and legal options.

Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : January 13, 2016