Life in Prison without Parole

Wisconsin used to allow the death penalty, but it has long been abolished. The state does, however, allow for life in prison without the possibility of parole. This means that even individuals who are considered juveniles might be put in prison for their entire lives with no chance of leaving, even if they exhibit good behavior. Typically, Wisconsin generally reserves this punishment for severe crimes, such as murder. Regardless of the crime that a person is being charged with, however, every person who is facing this penalty for a charge has a right to defend him or herself.

In Wisconsin, if you are facing a life without parole penalty, it’s important to mount an aggressive legal defense to lessen the chances of actually being convicted and facing this penalty. Contact an experienced Milwaukee criminal defense attorney of Hart Powell, S.C. today by calling us at (414) 271-9595.

Alternative Penalties

Even after conviction, a person has the opportunity to appeal in an attempt to lessen the severity of a sentence. Some possible alternatives to life in prison without parole might include one or more of the following:

  • Life in prison with the possibility of parole
  • Time served in juvenile prison facility
  • Monetary fines
  • Mandatory monitoring

These alternatives are often much more appealing than life in prison without parole, and an experienced attorney fighting for you might make these more plausible in your particular situation.

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You should not face a penalty as severe as life without parole without experienced and highly skilled legal professional who will do their utmost to fight for your rights and interests. If you or someone you care about is facing life in prison without the possibility of parole, contact the understanding and experienced Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers of Hart Powell, S.C. today at (414) 271-9595.

Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : January 13, 2016