Illegal File Sharing

The internet is home for many activities. Many activities are legal, such as shopping, taking classes, and researching. While there are many legal activities, there are also many illegal activities that take place on the internet. For example, there is child pornography, spamming, hacking, and virus spreading.

One large and significant illegal activity that occurs on the internet is illegal file sharing. That is, many internet users illegally exchange movies, TV shows, music, and software like computer games and Microsoft Word.

File sharing, which generally occurs through specific programs, has faced increasing action by law enforcement authorities. Facing pressure from record companies, for example, FBI officials have stepped up their efforts to prosecute people for file sharing on the internet. Movies, music, software, TV shows, etc. are protected by copyrights, licenses, and other legal creations.

As a result, only the creators or producers of such material have the right to distribute them. That is, most people do not have the right to exchange them with others over the internet.

File sharing is very common in the United States. Most people do not expect to get caught. But when people are caught, they face severe legal trouble, as they have to face both the public authorities as well as the private companies whose material they illegally exchanged.

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Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : January 13, 2016