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Fraud is the crime of tricking or fooling another individual in an effort to unjustly obtain money, legal rights, property, or services from them. There are many different types of fraud, all of which are considered criminal offenses. Fraud is also considered as a tort, which is a civil law violation. Some of the most common types of fraud are the following:

  • Fraud for Profit: Committed by professionals, in which they misrepresent or misstate their companies’ monetary values and exchanges
  • Marriage Fraud: Engaging in marriage for personal gain, as opposed to entering the legal relationship for emotional reasons
  • Academic Fraud: Forging research findings
  • False Advertising: Using misleading statements and implications while advertising for a product or service
  • Embezzlement: Using money under your control, but which is not yours, for personal gain or benefit
  • Identity Theft: Falsely claiming to be another individual in order to gain benefits or money
  • Internet Fraud: Includes a wide variety of schemes and scams that are run through the internet
  • False Insurance Claims: Filing fake insurance claims in attempt to deceive an insurance company

Many people, especially those in positions where fraud appears to be an easy option to gain power or money, will be very tempted to utilize these methods for personal gain.

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Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : May 29, 2018