Evading Arrest or Detention

Many people think that once they are detained or arrested they are found guilty and as such, they try to avoid being arrested. A person evades arrest or detention when he or she knows that a peace officer is attempting to arrest or detain him or her and then flees. Sometimes people become stressed because they are certain they are not guilty of an allegation. This stress may lead them to act adversely to the confinement of law authorities.

If a police officer fails to handle a procedure professionally, an accused individual may distrust the intentions of the police officer and feel compelled to flee. If a police officer handles a procedure unprofessionally or inappropriately, the actor may be able to contest the arrest and charges.

The actor may be punished if he or she used a vehicle while trying to escape. A person may receive multiple felonies if he or she fled from police officers in a vehicle and damaged property or injured people within the duration of the chase. Cases have sometimes included pedestrians, other drivers, and police officers being injured in a chase. Harsher felonies are given to those convicted of killing a person during the pursuit.

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Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : April 13, 2020