Defacing Public Property

Public property laws prohibit people from damaging, altering, or adding to public property without official legal consent. Individuals who choose to paint, spray-paint, or otherwise alter public property without proper permission may face charges of defacing public property.

Individuals accused of such crimes may be ticketed or taken to jail. They often face fines and may be required to pay restitution for property repair or replacement. If you have been accused of defacing public property, contact the Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers of Hart Powell, S.C. at (414) 271-9595.

Types of Public Property

Public property may include many types of structures and objects. The following are some examples of commonly recognized public property:

  • Buildings
  • Walls
  • Fences
  • Sidewalks
  • Streets
  • Street signs
  • Billboards
  • Banners

People looking to avoid criminal charges should take pains to obtain proper licenses and permits before performing any work in public. Even art work that the individual thinks may “improve” the property may be considered public defacement. There have been countless cases involving people who were unaware that their actions constituted a crime.

Municipal governments spend significant amounts of money to remove graffiti and other markings on public buildings and streets. Many cities seek to remedy the problem by increasing law-enforcement presence and pursuing criminal charges against those accused of these crimes.

Contact a Milwaukee Criminal Lawyer

If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges for defacing public property, contact the Milwaukee criminal lawyers of Hart Powell, S.C. at (414) 271-9595 today.

Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : January 13, 2016