Check Fraud

All societies have to deal with crime. The more complex the society, the more opportunities there are for people to commit crimes. Because the United States is such a large and complex society, criminals have various opportunities to commit crimes. One such crime is check fraud.

Check fraud is not a new crime that is only associated with the modern technology. It is not complicated either. It does not always require much, if any, skill. There are a number of types of check fraud.

One is the act of forging a check by signing someone else’s signature on that individual’s check. Another way to commit check fraud is through forged endorsements. That is the act of taking a check meant for someone else, endorsing it, and depositing it in one’s own bank account.

Third, is counterfeiting checks. This involves creating fake checks. Altering pre-existing checks is another way to commit fraud. This process is relatively simple and involves taking real checks and changing the information on them. Finally, there is check kiting, which is the act of depositing a check into an account without there being enough funds to cover the check.

Check fraud is a very serious crime. It occurs enough in the United States to warrant concern, and with the improvement of technology check counterfeiting in particular has blossomed.

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Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : January 13, 2016