Motor vehicle theft, or grand theft auto, occurs every day in the United States. There are several common methods of vehicle theft, ranging from crimes of opportunity (like keys in the ignition, or neglect on the part of the owner) to more violent methods like breaking and entry and carjacking.

Carjacking refers to the act of taking a car from its rightful owner while the owner is in or near the vehicle. The act of carjacking is usually considered theft by force or under the threat of force and often carries serious punishment for individuals accused of the crime. If you have been wrongly accused of carjacking and would like to know more about your legal options, contact the Milwaukee criminal lawyers of Hart Powell, S.C. at (414) 271-9595.

How to Prevent Carjacking

Although it may be impossible to completely protect oneself against violent crimes like carjacking, there are some common-sense methods to help prevent the crime:

  • Park your car in well-lit areas
  • Have a friend or acquaintance walk with you or drop you off at your car
  • Carry a cell-phone at all times in case of emergencies
  • Utilize safety systems like alarms and ignition-lock devices on your vehicle
  • Do not park in unsafe or unfamiliar neighborhoods or parking lots

Contact a Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer

Individuals accused of carjacking and other types of motor-vehicle theft have the right to defend themselves in a court of law. If you or someone you know stands accused of stealing a motor-vehicle, contact a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney of Hart Powell, S.C. at (414) 271-9595 today.

Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

Last Updated : July 14, 2015