State Appeals Lawyer Serving Appleton

State Appeals Lawyer Serving Appleton

When a person is convicted of a criminal charge, their opportunity to fight for freedom isn’t necessarily over. In the case of state crimes, a defendant may have the option of filing a state appeal with the Wisconsin appellate courts. Here, a defendant will have the chance to argue that some legal error was made in the course of their original trial. As a result, the courts will review the original trial and determine whether the appeal should be affirmed, or accepted, or denied.

At Hart Powell, S.C., we believe in fighting hard for our Appleton clients when they need assistance working through the state appeals process. We understand how important it is for a defendant to be fairly heard if they believe they’ve been wronged, and that’s why we work closely with our clients to provide them with a powerful voice in these legal proceedings.

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    What Happens If a State Appeal Is Affirmed?

    If affirmed, an appeal may drastically modify the kind of penalties a person may face for their criminal conviction. The state appeal process can yield different benefits for a defendant depending on the appellate court’s findings in regards to the original criminal trial. The following may be the result of an affirmed state appeal:

    • Reversing the ruling entirely
    • Modifying the sentencing
    • Ordering that a new trial be held

    State appellate courts work differently than a regular criminal trial, often making it critical to have a legal professional’s support when filing state appeals.

    Contact a State Appeals Attorney in Appleton

    If someone you love has been convicted of a crime and is prepared to continue their legal defense into the state appeals process, a lawyer from Hart Powell, S.C. can help prepare a strong case for the appellate courts. Learn more about the state appeals process and your options for filing an appeal by calling (414) 271-9595.

    Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

    Last Updated : January 17, 2024