Sex Crime Defense Attorney Serving Appleton

Sex Crime Defense Attorney Serving Appleton

When a person is charged with a sex crime in Appleton, he or she may face some of the most stigmatized allegations lobbed against criminal defendants. If convicted, the consequences for sex crimes can go far beyond the sentencing from the courts. A sex crime conviction on a person’s permanent record can prevent the individual from continuing his or her career, finding new opportunities, or even truly having the trust or respect of the community in which the person lives. Up against these harsh repercussions, a defendant may want to think very carefully about his or her legal defense options with accused of a sex crime.

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    Charges We Can Fight

    At Hart Powell, S.C., we throw our immense experience and top-notch legal resources behind our client’s defense whenever we take on a case. Considering that most sex crime cases are argued by very determined, tenacious prosecutors, a defendant needs a particularly well-crafted defense in order to avoid maximum sentencing.

    Our dedicated attorneys can help you fight the following sex crime allegations:

    • Felony Sexual Assault (Rape)
    • Possession of Child Pornography
    • Sexual Assault of a Child
    • Indecent Exposure/Obscenity
    • Enticement/Solicitation

    The criminal penalties associated with these allegations can include harsh jail sentences, heavy fines, and entrance into a public sex offender registry. Those convicted may also face severe collateral consequences, such as the loss of their public reputation and an inability to find steady work.

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    If you’ve been charged with a sex crime, you may want to discuss the options and strategies available for your defense with an experienced lawyer. Sex crime convictions can have a terrible impact on a person’s future, making a well-argued defense extremely important. For more information about how our legal experience may be able to help you fight for freedom during these difficult times, contact an Appleton defense lawyer from Hart Powell, S.C. by calling (414) 271-9595 today.

    Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

    Last Updated : January 17, 2024