Pre-Indictment Investigations Lawyer Serving Appleton

Pre-indictment Investigations Lawyer Serving Appleton

The legal process involved in a police investigation can be a particularly difficult, trying time for a person who is about to be arrested. The police will often open pre-indictment investigations into a person’s notable contacts and, if they can obtain a warrant, their property. This can not only lead to a person making incriminating statements that could later be used against them, but can easily feel like a violation of privacy, something which our Appleton defense lawyers at Hart Powell, S.C. understand can only add to the stress and frustration a person may feel after being charged with a crime.

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    The Importance of Legal Advice during Pre-indictment Investigations

    When a person is facing questioning from the police prior to an arrest, they may want to consider discussing their options with a legal advisor first. Working with an attorney in this delicate legal situation may yield the following benefits:

    • Avoiding making premature or damaging statements to the police
    • Not freely offering damaging evidence for an investigation
    • Not providing answers to questions that may be incorrect
    • Avoiding making statements of innocence or guilt prior to the process of actually entering a plea

    It’s important for a prospective defendant to retain as many powerful legal defense strategies as possible prior to being charged with a crime. A criminal defense attorney can often help a potential defendant avoid these pitfalls during pre-indictment investigations.

    Contact a Pre-indictment Investigations Attorney in Appleton

    If you’re facing a pre-indictment investigation, the next decisions you make may shape the course of your possibly impending legal proceedings. At Hart Powell, S.C., we can help you form a tough legal defense and potentially work towards gaining your freedom or reducing sentencing. For more information about your defense options, call us today at (414) 271-9595.

    Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

    Last Updated : January 17, 2024