Internet Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer Serving Appleton

Internet Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer Serving Appleton

Certain activities and actions online may violate laws specifically targeting internet sex crimes. Defendants charged with sex crimes involving unlawful activities on the internet may face penalties that are just as strict and potentially damaging to a person if convicted. Unfortunately for those convicted of such crimes, these charges may carry a permanent, overwhelming stigma that can strongly affect a defendant’s personal and professional aspirations. As such, it is critical to have a strong defense when facing such charges.

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    Sex Crimes Online

    As technology increasingly changes the way society operates and people interact with each other, various new outlets have developed to provide potentially illegal sexual services or products. As a result, the law has addressed these online violations of sex crimes by prosecuting them fairly harshly. Some common online internet sex crimes people face include:

    • Online prostitution or solicitation
    • Manufacturing or distributing illegal pornography, including child pornography
    • Online obscenity crimes
    • Engaging in illegal acts with minors online

    These crimes often come with even minimum sentences that can be particularly punitive and damaging for a person’s future. However, a defendant is entitled to certain legal rights, including the right to a fair trial to argue their case for freedom or reduced sentencing.

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    If you’ve been charged with an internet sex crime, your next steps as a defendant are critical. By working with an experienced Appleton internet sex crime defense attorney from Hart Powell, S.C., you may be able to argue to have the charges dropped or for a plea bargain with substantially reduced penalties. To learn more about how we may be able to help you, call (414) 271-9595 today.

    Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

    Last Updated : January 17, 2024