Drug Trafficking Attorney Serving Appleton

Drug Trafficking Attorney Serving Appleton

The state of Wisconsin has particularly strict drug trafficking laws that are meant to sharply punish anyone caught possessing, manufacturing, or distributing illegal substances. Charges for trafficking different types of drugs, classified according to the properties of the substances and how severe their effects are on the users, carry different sentences. However, with the exception of some first-time offenses, the standard penalty for drug-related offenses in Wisconsin is a felony-grade charge, which almost always is accompanied by jail sentences.

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    Penalties for a Drug Trafficking Conviction

    If a person is convicted of distributing, delivering, manufacturing, or possessing an illegal substance, they will face felony-grade charges unless it’s their first time being charged with a drug possession crime. For these first-time possession offenses, penalties may be similar to other drug crimes, but sharply lessened in severity. The following penalties and collateral consequences may follow if a person is convicted of a drug trafficking offense:

    • Jail sentences of one year or longer
    • Thousands of dollars in criminal fines
    • Loss of voting rights until the entire felony sentence is completed
    • Loss of the right to bear arms
    • Loss of certain professional and academic opportunities

    A defendant has several options available when they face these kinds of tough charges. However, because the stakes are so high and the criminal defense process can be extraordinarily difficult for someone unfamiliar with the complexity of the law, a defendant may want to discuss these options with a legal advisor first.

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    Written by Michael Hart & Craig Powell

    Last Updated : January 17, 2024