Brother of domestic violence victim found guilty of killing her abuser

Twenty-two-year-old Milwaukee resident Dominique Wilder was declared guilty of first-degree reckless homicide by a jury on November 6 for his role in the death of his sister’s abusive boyfriend, the Journal Sentinel reported.

According to the case’s prosecutors, Wilder and his younger brother went on a hunting spree to find 25-year-old Erick Perry four days after Perry allegedly hurt their sister–not for the first time. They allegedly spotted Perry driving a car along N. 20th Street on Oct. 1, 2013, and Wilder fired three shots at him, one of which hit and killed Perry.

Wilder’s defense attorneys said Perry’s witnesses were not credible, especially Wilder’s ex-girlfriend, who told the jury Wilder revealed his plan to murder Perry to her. Wilder was acquitted, however, of gun possession charges.

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What may be regarded as probable cause?

Before police officers perform search of a person’s personal property or make an arrest, they are legally obligated to have a good reason for doing so. Without probable cause—the legal term for that goodreason—the search of your property or your arrest will, under most circumstances, be considered illegal and will be determined inadmissible in the court room. However, if a police officer smells a drug on you or otherwise has information that you have committed a crime, then he or she will likely have probable cause and may be legally permitted to search your person.

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Trial for dating site rape case underway

Testimony was heard on November 4 in the rape trial against Racine local Robert Laypath, who was charged with second-degree sexual assault at the end of 2012, The Journal Times reported.

The 911 call made by the unnamed victim was played in the Racine County court, revealing to the room that the victim was deeply confused, panicky, and unaware of where she was. She met Laypath on a dating site months earlier, and they agreed to meet up for the first time. After breakfast at a Perkins restaurant in Oak Creek, the woman reported feeling strange. She remembered only a few more details before the 911 call hours later.

The woman testified that she did not remember the alleged rape. Laypath told police that the two had sex, but it was consensual.

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Ex-fraternity president pleads not guilty to drug house charges

Thomas Kreinbring, the former president of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, has pleaded not guilty to charges of keeping a drug house at the Milwaukee County Court in Wisconsin on October 3, TMJ 4 reported.

In the preliminary hearing, Kreinbring’s defense attorney Dan Adams helped the defendant file his plea, officially getting the case started.

The charges stemmed from an incident in September when partygoers who went to the fraternity house under the charge of Kreinbring returned to their homes or dorms unable to stand or walk. The fraternity, which has been indefinitely suspended, is under suspicion of slipping date rape drugs into the drinks. Kreinbring has not been charged with this, although evidence is still being examined to determine whether additional charges are necessary.

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What to do if you’re arrested

If you are put under arrest, there are several things that you should consider doing that are in your best interest. First, it’s best to comply with the officer’s orders; try not to get violent or aggressive because resisting arrest in such a way can lead to a additional charges, or a felony.

Additionally, it is also important to remain silent – it’s your right, after all. Anything you say during your arrest “can and will be used against you” if it serves the agenda of the prosecutor.

Most importantly, you should wait to make any kind of defense for yourself until you have spoken with an attorney about your situation. A criminal defense attorney like those at Kohler & Hart, SC, has the skills and experience necessary to construct a proper defense against your criminal charges. Be sure to contact our Milwaukee offices at (414) 271-9595 to talk about your own situation and to get help today.

Fraternity president charged with possession

The fraternity president of Tau Kappa Epsilon was charged with possession of prescription drugs and marijuana and remains under investigation for a party that led to several hospitalizations, The Associated Press reported on September 21.

Thomas Kreinbring was found with Adderall, a drug used to treat ADHD, as well as marijuana. He told police that he uses these drugs to increase focus for studying. These charges do not mention the accusations that Kreinbring and his fraternity spiked drinks with drugs at a party held at their fraternity house. Local law enforcement agents are still investigating the matter at the party, Chief Deputy Milwaukee County District Attorney Kent Lovern said.

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What are the penalties for a theft conviction?

It is difficult to know what the specific punishment for a conviction would be without knowing what exactly you have been charged with and your specific situation. The penalties for a theft conviction can vary in the state of Wisconsin, but any of them have the potential to significantly disrupt your day-to-day routine or your financial stability.

Depending on which form of theft you are charged with, you could face numerous penalties upon conviction. Most often, convicted defendants are required to pay damages for the property stolen, and may also have to serve a certain amount of time in state jail or federal prison, if the conviction is serious enough. Underneath the blanket term of “theft,” there are many crimes, including shoplifting, burglary, identity theft, auto theft, embezzlement, possession of stolen property, and armed robbery. The sentencing will also likely consider any previous convictions on your record.

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Father charged with first-degree reckless homicide for death of infant

Milwaukee, Wisconsin resident Deron Love, who has been charged with first-degree reckless homicide and child neglect for the death of his son, has refused a plea bargain and will face a trial by jury, the Journal Sentinel reported on September 10.

According to Assistant District Attorney Grant Huebner, Love was ironing clothes in a room inside his house when he returned to find his son not breathing on the couch. Love then shook the child and poured cold water over him. When the boy remained unresponsive, Love texted his girlfriend and called 911.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin physician and certified child abuse specialist Angela Rabbitt found blood in the baby’s brain and said the infant likely died from traumatic brain injury. Love’s attorney, however, and Huebner maintained that there was no evidence of violence in the apartment, and the child had no signs of bruises or trauma.

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Robbery suspect faces charges for the death of his accomplice

Tedric Sanders, 20, was charged with felony murder after his accomplice in robbery was killed by a Milwaukee store employee, the Journal Sentinel reported on August 19.

If convicted of felony murder, Sanders could face up to 41 years of imprisonment since he was a repeat felony offender. According to the criminal complaint, Sanders and Joshua Drake attempted to burglarize a store that sells eyeglasses in Milwaukee on August 14. However, the store worker was prepared, and he shot Drake. Under the law, Sanders can be held responsible for Drake’s death because he was involved in the crime that led to it.

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Milwaukee man convicted of sex trafficking, child abuse, sexual assault

A Milwaukee pimp has been found guilty on 14 criminal charges, including sex trafficking, sexual assault, child abuse, and witness intimidation.

45-year-old Roy Weatherall, Jr. was found guilty of running a sex trafficking operation that capitalized on child prostitution and was convicted on all 14 charges he was facing. One of the state’s witnesses said she gave Weatherall whatever she made from prostitution and strip club dancing, and recruited others for his operation.

Weatherall’s lawyer argued that it was the witness’s decision to work in that manner and that providing money to Weatherall was the girl’s decision and that she did her job out of her own free will.

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