Wisconsin Manslaughter Defense Attorney

Manslaughter is viewed by law to be a less serious offense than murder. Unlike murder charges, those charged with manslaughter did not show signs that they had the intent to kill. Typically, manslaughter is either categorized as voluntary or involuntary.

Those facing charges for voluntary manslaughter may have had the intent to cause serious injury or even death, however, the circumstances surrounding the case diminish the person’s liability. Voluntary manslaughter is often a violent action that was provoked by some other action. There are several defense strategies that can be used for charges of voluntary manslaughter, including:

  • Imperfect self-defense
  • Heat of Passion
  • Diminished Responsibility
  • Provocation

Involuntary Manslaughter includes acts of recklessness that result in another person’s death. Although the death may have been an accident, the law views the reckless behavior that caused the accident to be involuntary manslaughter.

If you have been charged with either type of manslaughter, you need an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to aggressively defend you. The Milwaukee manslaughter lawyers of Hart Powell, S.C. understand the complexities of the legal system and will fight to ensure that you receive the fair trial that you deserve.

Your reputation, family, and future career opportunities may be greatly negatively impacted by a conviction. If you are facing manslaughter charges, contact an attorney immediately to discuss your legal options.

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