Seventeen Year Old Carjacker Sentenced to 41 Years in Prison

Teenager Brandon Lord Newson has been apprehended after committing at least seven carjackings around Milwaukee. The spree occurred across the span of five days and Newson was taken into custody after a combination of fingerprints, bullets, cell phone records, and DNA left on cigarette butts tied him to the crime. Police believe Newson was selling the stolen vehicles to drug dealers.

Newson committed the carjackings by firing warning shots as he approached his victims, making it less likely for a car owner to resist his demands. Among his victims were two men parking outside of their homes, a pregnant woman in a parking lot, and a 73-year-old couple. Newson’s aunt made a statement that her sister had been using drugs and alcohol during her pregnancy, resulting in Newson’s residence in a variety of foster homes, juvenile prisons, and unsupervised homes. According to his aunt, Newson consequently developed mental health problems, accrued a history of rejecting juvenile systems services, and acted violently during a previous stint in jail.

Newson was sentenced to 41 years in prison earlier this month after the District Attorney recommended 50 years. He apologized after being sentenced and made a statement that he had not realized how serious the situation was and wanted to get his life together.

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