Brendan Dassey ordered released from prison

Monday, November 14: United States Magistrate Judge William Duffin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has overturned the conviction of 27-year-old Manitowoc County resident Brendan Ray Dassey—from the case that was made famous by the Netflix show Making a Murderer—and ordered that he be released from prison with supervision while waiting for further court developments.

In a 17-page ruling, Duffin said, “There is no indication that [Dassey] has the inclination much less the means to flee or will otherwise fail to appear as may be legally required. Dassey has offered a detailed release plan that was prepared with the assistance of a clinical social worker with experience in similar cases. That social worker would remain involved in assisting Dassey as he adjusts to freedom following his decade in prison.”

State Attorney General Brad Schimel, for his part, appealed to block the release by filing a motion that would seek a stay order from a federal appeals court.

Steven Drizin, one of Dassey’s legal counsels, said that they hope that Dassey would be released as soon as possible, noting, “It’s not going to happen today [Monday] but we are very hopeful we will have Brendan home by Thanksgiving, if not sooner.”

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