Senior Alex Cook faces 30-count criminal complaint for sexual assault

University of Wisconsin-Madison senior Alex Cook could face up to 30-counts of sexual assault for criminal complaint cases filed against him at a bail hearing on Thursday, October 27.

University of Wisconsin Police Department spokesperson Marc Lovicott said they have opened their own investigation into Cook as the Madison Police Department continues its own probe into the case of the suspect.

At present, three victims have already come forward to file a case against Cook. UWPD has referred 15 counts of fourth-degree sexual assault to the Dane County Attorney’s Office in relation to Cook’s case.

UW Dean of Students Lori Berquam said Cook has been suspended from the university under the rules of emergency suspension as of Friday, October 21. Wisconsin State Legislature Chapter 17 states that an emergency suspension can be held in place until the decision in the hearing on the underlying charges is rendered or after 30 days have passed, unless the respondent agrees to a longer period of emergency suspension.

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