Crime laboratory backlog results in evidence delay

Staffing problems at the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory is delaying the testing of firearm evidence in the homicide case of Keller McQuay, 15. McQuay allegedly shot and killed Vista Jackson, 14, last fall, Assistant Racine County District Attorney Jennifer Tanck-Adams said during a status conference in a Racine County courtroom last Wednesday, November 2.

Tanck-Adams said a September 6 press conference about the status of the case was delayed because authorities still did not have the necessary test results. The firearm investigator said the gun used in the alleged homicide – a .22-caliber sawed-off rifle – and two projectiles were still in a vault at the laboratory. “There is one person that is analyzing firearms evidence at this time. [The supervisor] communicated that they have hired three more people, but they are not up to training standards yet,” Tanck-Adams said.

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