University of Wisconsin Student Accused of Multiple Sexual Assaults

Alec R. Cook, a 20 year-old student enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was recently charged with raping and choking a fellow student for two hours in his apartment. Following the rape charges, six different women have come forward to report instances of sexual assault by Cook that have occurred intermittently over the past year. A warrant to search Cook’s home led to the discovery of a notebook containing details of his grooming and stalking of various women. The notebook is assisting police with current investigations.

Cook, who was majoring in real estate and urban landscaping, was suspending following the allegations and is prohibited from entering campus as part of his initial conditions for bail. He is currently being charged with four felony counts of sexual assault with use of force, three counts of sexual battery, one count of strangulation, and one count of false imprisonment.

Among Cook’s victims is a woman accusing him of inappropriately touching her 15 times during the course of a ballroom dancing class, along with another 20 year-old woman whom he allegedly attacked in his apartment. Two other women have claimed they were also attacked in Cook’s apartment. Cook is currently being held in county jail until his bail hearing and police are continuing to take new allegations at the Dane County district attorney’s office.

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