Evidence to be DNA tested 11 years after man is convicted of murder

Bits of evidence used to convict a man of a 2005 murder are now being called into question, nearly 11 years after the crime occurred.

Human remains, blood droplets, a spare key, and a car’s blinker light are among the evidence that is resurfacing in the murder of Teresa Halbach on Halloween of 2005. The man who was convicted of the murder, Steven Aery, 54, has agreed to this extensive testing. His attorney says that no guilty person would want this degree of testing done as it can be rather expensive.

Avery is currently serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole as a result of this conviction. His attorney is seeking to use DNA testing to argue that a lot of the evidence against him was planted or otherwise misused to unfairly convict him. A new filing in Manitowoc County Circuit Court claims that Avery is innocent and that additional DNA testing of various pieces of evidence can provide strong enough doubt to exonerate him.

Avery’s attorney is currently seeking a judge’s permission to have numerous pieces of evidence tested this way. She says that that she says would exonerate Avery, who is currently sentenced to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole.

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