Milwaukee strip club owner indicted on charges of money laundering, cocaine dealing

Jon Ferraro, owner of the strip club franchise Silk Exotic located in Milwaukee, Middleton in Dane County, and Juneau in Dodge County, Wisconsin, has been charged in a racketeering case that focuses on the Russian mob, a report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel showed.  Ferraro recently got a nearly $100 million settlement from Milwaukee because he was formerly prohibited from opening a club there.

Ferraro had been indicted with seven other men in the state of California as part of a case that involved money laundering and cocaine dealing that spanned several states and featured a dozen people.

The case, which was nicknamed the Russian Laundry, started gaining traction in 2015. Ferraro’s role in the case was not given away publicly by federal agents investigating the case, other than what was revealed in a sealed cellphone tracking warrant that was made available to the federal public court in Milwaukee.

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