Making a Murderer suspect’s conviction dropped

On Friday, August 12, United States Magistrate Judge William Duffin of Milwaukee tossed out the conviction of 16-year-old Brendan Dassey, who was accused of helping his uncle, Steven Avery, murder a woman in 2005. The case was examined in the Netflix series Making a Murderer.

Duffin said prosecutors have 90 days to initiate proceedings to retry Dassey, according to a report from the Chicago Tribune. Duffin said Dassey’s original legal counsel, Leonard Kachinsky, had an attitude that was “inexcusable both tactically and ethically.” Dassey was initially found guilty of homicide, second-degree sexual assault, and mutilation of a corpse.

Avery, who previously was imprisoned for 18 years when he was wrongfully convicted of rape, was found guilty of the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach. At the time of Halbach’s murder, Avery had a wrongful conviction case against local authorities, and his attorneys believe that evidence in the Halbach case was planted by local law enforcement as retaliation for his lawsuit.

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