Milwaukee man escapes trial by cutting off monitoring ankle bracelet

Milwaukee, Wisconsin resident Robert Dorgay, who is facing seven criminal charges – second-degree sexual assault, battery, false imprisonment, resisting arrest, strangulation, intimidation, and bail jumping – allegedly cut off his monitoring bracelet and did not make a court appearance on Tuesday, July 26.

Dorgay’s legal counsel, Nathan Opland-Dobs, said it is possible that Dorgay was not trying to elude trial, noting, “They found a GPS (global positioning system) bracelet cut off, tossed into a field, and that he is not here. The state asks you to interpret that as consciousness of guilt…that’s speculation. We don’t know why Mr. Dorgay is not here.”

The court decided to continue without Turgay on Thursday, July 28, and at around 3 p.m., the jury started to deliberate.

According to a criminal complaint, Dorgay strangled his girlfriend inside a hotel room in July 2014, forcing her to write a letter that would recant her statement which accused him of a crime.

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