Woman Charged with Kidnapping, Homicide Pleads Not Guilty

Earlier this summer, Tiffany Lynn Simmons was charged with first-degree homicide, one count of kidnapping, and one count of hiding a corpse. She has recently pleaded not guilty even though she reportedly admitted to the crime to the police during interrogations.

The killing took place after a dispute between Tess White, the victim, and Simmons occurred; White was accused by Simmons to have been “pinching their dope bag,” while Simmons was reported to have used the victim’s bank card to steal $200 from her account, further escalating the situation. After the murder, Simmons and her accomplice were also accused of relocating the corpse to a farm field in North Dakota where they allegedly attempted to cremate the body to destroy evidence. An autopsy later revealed the identity of White and that she had been 10 weeks pregnant when she was killed.

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