Uber driver accused of killing six in Milwaukee passed background check

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Uber is currently under fire after it was revealed that the driver accused of murder passed the company’s background check. Many Uber users in Milwaukee have now shared their concerns about their safety when using the service.

Uber employee Jason Dalton allegedly shot six individuals when providing them with Uber service on Saturday, February 20. He had a 4.73 rating until the incident transpired.

According to the San Francisco, California-based multinational online taxi dispatch company, Uber Technologies, Inc., no background check is guaranteed to yield results of 100% accuracy. Uber chief security officer, Joe Sullivan, stated that someone who wants to apply as a cab driver for Uber has to “give us information like their name, their address, their insurance information… and their bank account information”. It was also shared that Dalton’s background check did not raise any red flags. Sullivan said Uber checks government databases for previous criminal offenses and it was found that Dalton had none.

In a final statement, Uber safety advisory board member Ed Davis argued that “a background check…does not foresee the future”.

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