Milwaukee Man reveals Mass Shooting Plan following Arrest

A Milwaukee man was arrested after it was revealed that he was planning a mass shooting on a Masonic temple in New York. According to the NY Daily News, “Samy Mohamed Hamzeh was charged with possessing machine guns and a silencer,” and the FBI has said that his arrest prevented his plan to kill 30 people in a raid.

Hamzeh revealed to police that he had been planning the attack for weeks in what he’s sees as a mission to defend the Muslim region. Hamzeh stated that he hoped to spark similar shootings across the United States.┬áThe FBI had been investigating Hazmeh since September after allegations that he was planning to travel to Jordan and attack Israeli soldiers. They were able to arrest him after he attempted to buy illegal firearms from two undercover FBI agents.

The FBI stated that following his arrest, Hazmeh shared extensive details of the attack he was planning in Milwaukee. While he is currently only being charged with gun crimes, he may face terrorism charges at a later time.