Homicide cases in Milwaukee reached alarming numbers in 2015

Seventeen-year-old Breanna Eskridge, who was shot to death on July 19, 2015 allegedly due to witnessing a homicide eight days earlier, was one of 145 homicide victims in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2015.

Also in April of last year, 40-year-old Archie Brown, Jr. was shot and killed by Ricky Chiles right after Brown accidentally caused the death of Chiles’ two-year-old nephew during a vehicular collision. During the shooting, which was considered a retaliatory action in the moment, a stray bullet struck the shooter’s teenage nephew, Rasheed Chiles, killing him as well.

Milwaukee’s city leaders, residents, and law enforcement agencies tried to understand why homicide rates kept rising during the year, and a number of attempts to curb these deaths were made. Task forces were assembled, courts were reorganized, candlelight vigils were held, and awareness programs were initiated by residents–but the deaths continued.

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