Wisconsin Police Arrest Four Men Disguising Meth as Cocaine

Four men in Wisconsin have been arrested after police found over $1.5 million of drugs in their home.  Kenosha Police Department found the four men, who are related, selling methamphetamine labeled as cocaine out of their home.  In addition, the sheriff’s department discovered thousands of grams of marijuana, an illegal firearm, and a meth lab inside the home.

The men were using their meth lab to convert methamphetamine into white powder that resembled cocaine, as well as injecting it with a drug that would cause users to be unable to taste it when they put it in their mouth.  Authorities say the men did this due to the higher street value of cocaine, as well as the high addiction rates of methamphetamine after even just a single use.  Officers are requesting that the men, aged 20-23 years old, be charged with intent to deliver meth, possession with intent to deliver THC and keeping of a drug house.

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