Wisconsin Governor signs controversial gun crime bill

On Wednesday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a number of bills that expand gun laws in the state and establish a mandatory minimum for gun crimes. One of the bills allows military personnel from other states who are in Wisconsin for over a year to apply for a concealed weapons permit. Former police officers from other states are also able to apply for a permit in Wisconsin, rather than having to go back to the state which houses their former department.

While these two bills passed with large support, a third bill that establishes a three-year minimum sentence for felons found with illegal firearms had a harder time becoming legislation and was heavily argued on the Senate floor. Wisconsin had no minimum for gun crimes prior to this and received backlash up until the bill was signed.

Opponents argued that this mandatory minimum was the wrong approach to gun crimes and that more social programs should be implemented instead. The bill is seen as another step in Wisconsin’s harsh regulations toward gun crimes.

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