Milwaukee man confesses to taking the blame for son’s hit-and-run

After serving over a year of his sentence, 45-year-old Milwaukee man Juan G. Silva Sr. confessed to taking the blame for a hit-and-run for which his son was actually guilty, according to the Chicago Tribune on July 27. The crime occurred in September of 2013 outside a local tavern and resulted in the death of Juan R. Zapata-Guerrero and the injury of another pedestrian. Silva’s five year sentence was vacated by a judge this past Monday.

Police reopened investigations into the accident after hearing from a co-worker of Silva Sr.’s wife, who reported in late June that she had said her husband was serving time for a hit-and-run that he did not commit in order to protect their son from jail time.

Silva Sr. admitted the truth when questioned by officers in prison, and his son, Juan G. Silva Jr., then acknowledged that he was in fact the driver at the time of the collision. Silva Jr. was charged on Thursday and faces three felony counts. He is due back in court on August 3rd.

According to Assistant District Attorney Grant Huebner, it doesn’t look like Siva Sr. will face charged for his lie. It is expected that he will be released within the next few days.

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