AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd awaits sentencing for drug charges

Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is currently awaiting criminal sentencing for charges against him, including drug possession and assault. Rudd pleaded guilty for the charges last month, and told Austrailia’s channel nine program, A Current Affair, that he had seen the error in his ways.

“We all make mistakes,” said Rudd. Unfortunately, this mistake cost him the companionship of his ex-band mates, who haven’t contacted him since the incident. The iconic AC/DC recently performed a set at the Coachella music festival to kick off the rocker’s world tour, and Chris Slade, who drummed for AC/DC’s early 90’s live albums, will be replacing Rudd behind the drum set indefinitely.

Rudd’s case has been adjourned until June 26, on which day he will receive criminal sentencing. Rudd hopes for a discharge without conviction, but the jury’s still out on whether the sidelined drummer will ever regain the trust of his band mates.

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